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Your dog is a member of your family and because of that, they truly do want to get along, they want to do the right things and they want to contribute to the success of your pack..... I mean family. 

The behaviours your dog exhibits, both the good and the "bad", come from a mix of genetic breed traits, combined with what they have learned in their environment. This includes what you have taught them, and what you don't realize you have taught them.  Dogs do what they think is right, and they tend to do it in a way they have been conditioned and it worked. For example...

The Mail Man Condition.

(From Both a Human & Dog's Perspective)

[Mail carrier approaches the house]

(Dog) Hmmm, It appears that a stranger approaching toward our "den", I better just give a warning bark to alert the pack and let this stranger know that this is our territory.

(Human) Oh look, here come Al with todays mail, I wonder if he has something exciting for me.

(Dog) Uh oh, this stranger is still approaching, and it looks like they are going for our entrance and exit, they must want to get inside and since he ignored my warning bark, his intentions may be to do us harm. I am getting more anxious about this risk of danger, I will bark more and if need be, do as much as I can to protect our home.  (Barking intensifies)

(Human) Oh he'll just put it in the slot, I'll grab it when I am over that way, whats the big deal..? 

(Dog) Holy crap holy crap holy crap, this large stranger has ignored and charged through all of my warnings, now he rattling our front door, if he gets through, I may be in a fight for my life, or for any of my family members. CRAP!!, There is something coming through the door now, this is my last chance to let this creature know how much I am wiling to protect everything here that is important to me, I am going to give it everything I have as it might be our last chance.  Here goes everything!

(Human) Meh, just looks like a bunch of flyers today...., oh well. 

(Dog) Hey it worked! He is retreating. Now I will just give him a couple of "Yeah!! And stay off my property!!" barks for good measure. Phew..., that was nerve racking, but I will do what ever I need to protect this family. It's a good thing I was here too, that guy must have been a threat, cause now they seem quite upset  too. 

(Human) Rover!! Would you quit your barking! Its just the mail man. Why do you do this every single day?? 



     Nick with his wife Amy & his other best friend Charlie

     Nick with his wife Amy & his other best friend Charlie

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